「Ranking of Kings episode01」Anime Reviews


Rating ★★★★☆(65 points) 82 minutes total

Synopsis: Bodge is an impotent prince who has giant parents, but is so small that he can’t even wield a sword properly. Quote – Wikipedia


スポンサーリンク (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The World Masterpiece Theater Revived in Harmony

Based on a manga work serialized in MangaHack.
Directed by Yosuke Hatta and produced by WIT STUDIO.
This review is based on watching only the first episode.

Ranking system

The backgrounds depicted in pale colors are the exact opposite of what is popular these days.
Recently, “realistic backgrounds” have become a sort of boom in anime, especially in the case of anime movies.
In recent years, “realistic backgrounds” have become a kind of boom.
This trend, which started with “Your Name”, certainly helps to create a sense of immersion in the work.
The more realistic the background, the stronger the sense of immersion.

The more realistic the background, the stronger the sense of immersion. However, this work dares to be the exact opposite of such realism.
The background has a nostalgic touch, as if it were smeared with paint on rare occasions.
It’s like flipping through a picture book.

It’s as if you are slowly turning the pages of a picture book you read as a child.
It’s as if I can vaguely recall the memory of my mother reading picture books to me when I was little.
The description of the background gives me a mysterious atmosphere.

In the world of this work, there is a “ranking” system for kings.
The world view can be described as the title suggests, and after such an explanation
After such an explanation, what is depicted is not a naked king, but a pantyhose prince.


The prince meets a “shadow” who threatens the prince and asks for money.
However, the prince is deaf and unable to speak.
He can read his mouth and understand what others are saying, but
What he says is inaudible to others.

But the “shadow” is different. I know why he says what he says.
It’s a threat, and it starts with a threat, not boy meets girl.
Boy meets shadow.

Hodge is happy, even if his clothes are threatened and stolen.
For him, for the prince “Bodge,” the protagonist of this work.
He is the only one who understands him.
This is the first time he is able to communicate properly with a shadow.
Even if it is a threat, it is the first time for him.

Even if the people around him call him an idiot, even if the kage makes fun of him.
He always keeps a smile on his face.
He can understand what others are saying by looking at their mouths.
He smiles even though he understands what the lizard is saying.

The interaction between him and the innocent Kage.
It’s the first time for Kage to meet this type of person.
At first, Bodge was just someone who made fun of him and threatened him.
However, as they interact with each other, a friendship is born between Hodge and Kage.


The people’s attitude toward Hodge, the bad words that never reach his ears.
Kage listens to the soldiers talk about him behind his back because he can’t hear them.
Even his mother declares him equal in front of him, saying that he will never be king.
No one knows that he understands the language. Except Kage.

The only person who understands him is “Kage.
Despite this situation, he doesn’t lose his “smile,” he doesn’t cry, he’s a good kid.
No matter how much he is ridiculed, no matter how much he is despised.
He doesn’t cry in front of others.

But when he is alone, he bursts into tears. He is trying to be “strong”.
He knows that he is weak, that he is being ridiculed.
He tries not to shed any tears.

The tears he cries for a moment make the lizard, and us who are watching, tighten our hearts.

Great Father and Mother

Bodge’s father is great. He is a giant, big and strong.
He is the mirror of a “king” loved by his people, but he is ill.
Bodge’s mother, the former queen, has passed away.

Bodge has a great father and mother.
His father is worried about what will happen to him after his death, and treats Bodge strictly as a father and a king.
He has no mother to spoil him, and although he has the king’s second wife.
He has no mother to spoil him, and although he has the king’s second wife, he also has a brilliant younger brother born to the king and his second wife, so Bodge’s position is weak.
The situation is too difficult for a small child, a child with a disability.

This situation where the child is trapped to the extreme and there is nothing he can do about it is
This situation reminds me of the protagonists of “The World Famous Movie”.
They too, in their tragic situation, are trying to survive.
They were also trying to survive in a tragic situation, trying to do something for the meaning of their existence.

Following the lead of the protagonists of the World Masterpiece Theater
Bodge also refused to give up. Even if he knows he will never win.
Even if he knows he will never win, he tries to show his power and strength.
Even if he is not strong enough, he believes in what he can do, in his own power and strength.
He believes in his power and strength.

This is the beginning of his story.


Overall review: a very bold work

Overall, this work was like watching an episode of the World Masterpiece Theater.
The protagonist is in an unfortunate situation, and he is in a situation that makes the viewers turn away and feel their hearts tighten.
It was like watching an episode of the World Masterpiece Theater.
While firmly depicting his situation and worldview
In the first episode, the strength of the protagonist, who never gives up and smiles even in such a situation, is firmly depicted.

It is a very bold work.
The background description, the atmosphere created by it, and the characters who live in this world.
The characters living in this world.
You can feel the solidity of the characters from every single element.

Because it is a two-course work, the first episode has a calmness that is different from that of a one-course work.
However, it gives us a solid sense of fun and anticipation.
The only complaint I have is that this is a “late night” anime.

Although there are some aspects that are typical of the Noitamina frame.
I would rather see it in the evenings, mornings, or on NHK.
I would rather it be shown in the evenings, mornings, or on NHK for children.

In that sense, there are parts that feel somewhat plain, and
In a good way, it is not like a late night anime.
However, the first episode, which is grand and sturdy
But it was an epic and solid episode that gave me a deep and interesting feeling.

Personal Thoughts: It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an anime like this.
It’s different from Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and other children’s anime.
It’s not like Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, or any other children’s anime.
It’s not like Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, or any other children’s anime, it’s more like “World Masterpiece Theater”.

It’s an atmosphere that can’t be experienced in late night anime.
I can say that the atmosphere that cannot be experienced in late night anime is typical of the “Noitamina” frame, but after all
I feel that this is a work that I want children to see as well.
I hope NHK will consider re-broadcasting it.
I hope that NHK will consider re-broadcasting it.