Miru Tights Anime Review



It’s only tights, but it’s still tights

This work is an original web animation.
Originally, Mr. “Yomu” published an illustration doujinshi, “Yomu Tights”, with the theme of tights.
Originally, Mr. “Yomu” published an illustration doujinshi on the theme of tights, “Yomu Tights”, which became a topic of conversation and led to an anime.
Directed by Yuki Ogawa and produced by Yokohama Animation Lab.
A short animation of about 5 minutes per episode.

It’s a Maniac World

As you can imagine from the title, this work has “tights” as its theme.
There’s no doubt that it’s quite maniacal at that point, but
But as soon as the first episode starts, I can’t help but laugh at how much more maniacal it is than I imagined.

After all, it’s “tights wet in the rain” (laughs).
It’s the kind of maniacal content that goes beyond what most people would expect from a tights-themed work.
I can’t help but laugh at the maniacal situation.

A schoolgirl on her way to school on a rainy day squeezes her wet tights in front of the shoe box, and takes off her “boots”.
“In this film, we see a schoolgirl coming to school on a rainy day, wringing out her rain-soaked tights in front of the shoe box, and taking off her “boots” from a low angle.
The movement of the fingers of the legs and the soles of the feet because the rain-soaked tights are uncomfortable.
This is the kind of depiction that only tights lovers can share.


Each of the main characters wears slightly different tights.
The subtle differences in color and thickness create differences in how transparent their legs are.
It’s as if each character’s personality is reflected in the tights they wear.

In addition, the description of the tights is extremely graphic.
The texture of the “tights” is something that you can feel the particularity of.
In particular, the description of “underwear through tights” is plainly erotic (laughs).
In some stories, there are torn tights, or tights that have run.
Some stories have torn tights, others have runny tights, etc. Gentlemen will not be able to resist these descriptions.

I’m sure the gentlemen will love the descriptions of the tights, one by one, one scene at a time.
Each tights, each scene, each tights is drawn with great care.
It’s like looking at a collection of beautiful illustrations.
The tights on the legs, feet, thighs, toes, buttocks, and soles are all drawn in detail.
The detail of the tights’ legs is amazing.

Everyday Life

However, the content itself is not that great.
It’s just the everyday life of three high school girls.
It’s just a work that focuses on “tights”.
One of their friends realizes that her tights are contagious, and in the end
They joke around and scratch each other’s tights. That’s about it.

In the midst of such daily life, there are different descriptions of tights in each episode.
There are tights soaked in the rain, tights of a girl taking a selfie, tights that are infected
Tights in a part-time job, tights in a swimsuit, tights on a tatami mat, etc…
Tights” in various situations are depicted with meticulous attention to detail and angles.
There is no same pattern (laughs).

Although there are 12 episodes of 5 minutes each, there is no overlap in the 12 episodes.
Although it is a total of 12 episodes of 5 minutes per episode, it is a work that shows us 12 different ways of wearing tights.
It is a maniacal anime work sent only to those who “moe” at girls’ tights in their daily lives.

General comment: This is Japan!

Overall, it’s amazing how much can be portrayed with just the element of tights.
I was amazed at how many different ways it could be depicted with just the element of tights (laughs).
(laughs) It’s a work that people who don’t have a tights fetish or tights mania wouldn’t think of.
There are a lot of maniacal situations that people who are not tights fetishists or tights maniacs would not be able to imagine, and because the creator is a maniac
I can’t help but admire the many maniacal situations that people who aren’t tights fetishists or tights maniacs wouldn’t think of, and the many descriptions of tights that the producers are so particular about because they are maniacs.

But it’s too maniacal (laughs).
The content itself is about everyday life, and there is nothing strongly interesting about it.
The characters themselves are somewhat quirky, and the designs are not cute.
It’s not a cute character design.
However, it is a character design where the “tights” look great.

The content and character designs are designed for situations that make the tights look better.
It’s all about the content and the character design.
The more the story progresses, the more maniacal the situation itself becomes.
I can still understand the “tights in the rain” and “tights in cosplay” in the beginning, but
But tights in a kotatsu and tights on tatami mats are incomprehensible.

Since this is a web animation, there are no restrictions at all.
“There are no restrictions at all, as this is a web animation, and there is a clear depiction of underwear.
In that sense, it is an anime for “tights fetishists” by “tights fetishists”.
It is a “tights fetish” anime for “tights fetishists”.

If you are impressed by the first episode, you will be able to savor the tights until the last episode.
This is Japanimation at its finest.

Personal Thoughts: I…

I found out after watching this work that I don’t seem to have much of a tights fetish (laughs)
Although the descriptions of the thighs and soles of the feet were interesting
(laughs) The descriptions of the thighs and the soles of the feet were exciting, but I couldn’t keep up with the descriptions of the tights themselves in the latter half.

Especially in episode 9, the kotatsu episode.
While watching the tights in the kotatsu from the cat’s perspective
“Tights in the kotatsu.
The “tights in the kotatsu” angle was too maniacal to be funny.
It’s so maniacal that it’s funny, but as a fetishism it’s beyond my comprehension.

However, an anime with no restrictions at all is refreshing and interesting to watch.
In particular, the “voice acting” of Haruka Tomatsu’s JK and Yoko Hikasa’s JK in the episode 8, “Footstools”, was very impressive.
“The voice acting of Haruka Tomatsu and Yoko Hikasa would probably be restricted on terrestrial TV.
The two actresses are becoming veterans in their own right.
The only thing that bothered me was the voice acting.

The only thing that bothers me is that the distribution of this movie has been terminated on all the distribution sites.
The only thing that bothers me about it is that it is no longer available on all the streaming sites.
As of August 10, 2019, you can only watch it on Nico Nico Douga’s
It’s a little disappointing.

This is the only thing I regret, but
If you have a fetish for tights, this is the work for you.